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■ CRSHD  (2019 USA)

■ Japanese subtitled version


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■ Written & Directed by  EMILY COHN
■ Starring
  Isabelle Barbier ( “Izzy Alden” )
  Deeksha Ketkar ( “Anuka Deshpande” )
  Sadie Scott ( “Fiona Newman” )

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Izzy, Fiona, and Anuka are three good friends who are freshmen at a liberal arts college.
With summer vacation just around the corner, the campus was abuzz with students looking forward to going home and partying.
Izzy has made a secret promise to Fiona that she will be a lost virgin during her freshman year of college.
The three of them get word that the popular Elise is going to hold a "A CRUSHED PARTY." where people submit the name of the person they like to the organizer in advance, and only those whose names are written on the list are invited...

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■ Harajuku 原宿  (2018 Norway)

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■ Directed by  Eirik Svensson
■ Starring
  Ines Høysæter Asserson ( “Vilde” )
  Nicolai Cleve Broch ( “Einar” )
  Ingrid Olava ( “Marianne” )

■ Trailer (Norsk Subs)


Vilde, a 15-year-old girl who lives with her mother Agnes near Oslo, is fascinated by Japanese culture.
On Christmas Eve, she spends an ordinary time with her usual friends at Central Station.
Then Marthe and Helge from the Child Welfare Department arrive and tell her that Agnes has had an accident.
Vilde tries to get away from it all with a one-way ticket to Tokyo...

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■ My Family and the Wolf  (2019 France)

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■ Directed by  Adria Garcia
■ Starring
  Carmen Maura ( “Mamie Sara” )
  Enzo Ingignoli ( “Hugo” )
  Pierre Rochefort ( “Arno” )

■ Trailer (English Subs)


Nine-year-old HUGO, who lives in Paris, spends a summer at his father ARNO's family home in the countryside.
HUGO spends his summer vacation with his cousins and his grandmother SARA...
However, when the children learn that the wolf is coming for SARA, they are in an uproar.
They devise a plan to save SARA and experience an unforgettable adventure...

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